Male Masturbator Automatic Rotation Masturbation Cup

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Name: Male Masturbator Automatic Rotation Masturbation Cup

Colour: Black

Material: ABS & TPE

Shell size: 255mm*80mm

Inner size: 4.3inch*2.3inch

Power Type: USB Charging

Features: Smart Rotation Creep, Smart Rotation, Voice interaction

Packing list:

1. Masturbation cup 2. Charging cable 3. Instruction manual

【Intelligent Black Technology】

 1. AI interactive voice, intelligent voice, three voices can be switched at will;

2. Automatically cater to your second child;

3. Frequency conversion rotation;

4. Frequency conversion peristalsis; 5. Penis endurance exercise.

【Intelligent AI Voice】Intelligent AI+3D interactive experience with the voice of beautiful women, it makes you feel immersed in the scene and make your experience more real.

【3 languages switch freely】 Three languages are packaged in Chinese, English, and Japanese, allowing you

to experience the customs of different countries, whichever you want to listen to, whatever you want.

【9 frequencies】There are 9 powerful rotation and peristalsis modes, you can switch them at will, just like you and her switch positions at will, there are about 81 particles in the inner bladder, if her vagina rubs your cock, it is powerful mode that doubles your pleasure.  

【Long-term use, endurance exercise】Long-term use, longer endurance, more and more unstoppable.

【Whirlpool Wrap】A masturbator cup that wraps, wriggles, and rotates.

【Intelligent Matching】Automatic matching, the movement track of your second child, giving you the most

comfortable experience.

【USB smart fast charging】Intelligent fast charging chip, more powerful charging, fast charging, long battery

life to give you a hearty experience.

【Skin-friendly material】The inner liner of the masturbation cup is made of TPE material, which is soft,

healthy, safe and non-toxic, soft and sensual, full of channels, and stimulates your cock layer by layer.

【Masturbation cup parameters】Material, size, buttons, and functions of the masturbation device.

【The real shot of the masturbator cup】 comes from the real shot.

【Packaging of the masturbator】 Completely discreet and confidential to protect your privacy, the package

name defaults to "fitness equipment", only you know what's in the package